Product Features

MGM Industries has over five million dollars invested in our extrusion operation, with $500,000 invested for the purposes of designing and building our own extrusion dies. This advantage gives MGM the unique ability to keep our customers competitive and allows us to develop high quality windows for the Builder, Architect and Homeowner.

Our customization options add style & value to any home.

jamb extensions

Extend the jambs of any available window or door with our in-house installed primed wood.


Combine two or more windows to create the perfect complete solution.


Boost your window’s prominence with exterior vinyl grids.


Any window, any color.  We take pride in our extensive line of painted and capstock options.

Jamb Extensions

Jamb extensions are an interior window feature (primed finger jointed pine) which allows your frame to fit window openings of varying depths. By extending the window jambs to the precise length required, your window is able to sit flush with your interior wall. Typical jamb extension depths are 4 9/16 for 2×4 walls and 6 9/16 for 2×6 walls.


The act of attaching two or more window or door units together. The piece used to hold the units together is called a mullion. Mulling can be done in a horizontal or vertical fashion to achieve the desired configuration.


Grids are vertical and horizontal dividers arranged in a decorative pattern that divide larger sheets of glass into smaller panes on windows and doors. There are 2 types of grids that MGM offers. GBG (Grids between glass) – grids are manufactured in between the interior and exterior panes of glass. Grids cannot be touched from either side of the unit and the entire glass can be cleaned at one time. SDL (Simulated Divided Lite) – Grids are applied to the exterior surface of both the interior and exterior panes. Grids can be touched from both exterior surfaces. When cleaning SDL units the panes must be cleaned individually as opposed to one larger pane.


MGM offers 3 types of exterior finishes. Vinyl – through and through (color options limited). Painted – Where the exterior surfaces are painted with a specially formulated paint for UPVC (unlimited color options). Cap Stock – the substrate has an additional layer of UPVC added to the exterior surface with ultraviolet inhibitors and impact modifiers to allow for a more durable exterior surface (available in bronze or black colors).