5640 Single Hung With Integral Transom

Features and benefits:

  • Integral transom on top of 5610
  • 4 9/16″ Vinyl Jamb
  • Withstands a wind load of 153 MPH
  • Protects against leaking with rain gusts of up to 48 MPH
  • 180 Brick mould
  • Full length finger plow on sash horizontals
  • Continuous head & sill
  • 14o┬áSloped sill for superior water run-off
  • 3/4″ Insulated glass for energy efficiency
  • Concealed block and tackle balance system
  • Aluminum Sill nail fin for added strength and rigidity
  • Replaceable sill tower
  • Integral 1/4 inch shim to eliminate sill crowning


This is a 5610 Series single hung with an integral transom.┬áThe jamb is a continuous one-piece design. Unlike other window manufactures in which a transom is mounted on top of a single hung with an “H-mull”. This gives the window a more traditional look and also greatly improves leak issues that could be possible by a typical two-piece design. If ordering a 5640, all other items with the order should be ordered as 5610’s, such as Picture windows and stand along single hungs (i.e., no transoms on top).