5665 Single Hung

Features and benefits:

  • 4 9/16″ Vinyl Jamb
  • Withstands a wind load of 195 MPH
  • Protects against leaking with rain gusts of up to 62 MPH
  • 180 Brick mould
  • Full length finger plow on
  • Continuous head & sill
  • 14o Sloped sill for superior water run-off
  • Concealed block and tackle balance system
  • Aluminum Sill nail fin for added strength and rigidity
  • Replaceable sill tower
  • Integral 1/4 inch shim to eliminate sill crowning
  • 72″x60″ Picture or Transom window F-C65


MGM has the only full-jamb single hung on the market. This is a premium window at a very attractive price. Available in our standard painted exterior finishes of. This window is based on the 5610 platform, but has a surface mounted latch assembly and a fully reinforced sash with aluminum, to handle the higher design pressure loads. If your in the market for an high performance Single Hung window that looks like wood from the curb, has a true 180 brickmould, a 14 degree slope sill–like a traditional style wood window–then the 5665 window is the window for you. This window has been tested to a design pressure of 65 (DP65). This means that the window can withstand a wind load of 195 MPH without the window breaking. A DP65 window also has to pass a water test with wind blowing onto the window at 62 MPH. Our Series 5665 passes this stringent test, so in other words, the window will not leak with rain blowing against the window at 62 MPH. Our Series 5665 comes with a factory integral mull on multiple windows, which creates a continuous head and sill–which further eliminates leaks in the field. If you can find a 4 9/16 jamb vinyl window that looks aesthetically pleasing and performs better than our window, then, by all means–buy it!

Window Details
Product FamilySingle Hung
Special WindStrong BenefitsHigh DP Rated
Product StylesSingle Hung, Picture, Transom, Custom Shapes
Sash Construction
Standard Nailing FinStandard
Standard J ChannelStandard (180 degree)
Standard Brick MouldStandard
Sloped SillStandard (14 degree)
Balance SystemBlock and tackle
Lift Rail Placement
Standard Grill
Continuous Head & Sill
Overall Frame Depth
Nail Fin Set Back
Interior Jamb Depth
Glass Package3/4" Warm Edge Technology
Egress Size
Frame & Sash Options
ColorsWhite and Tan
Sash Size ProportionsSH & 2SS (50/50, 40/60, 60/40) 3SS (33/33/33, 25/50/25)
Applied Nail FinN/A (Built In)
Extended Jambs4 9/16" or 6 9/16" Primed Wood
Available Glass Options
Low E270 and 366
Gas FilledArgon
Tint & ObscureObscure, Niagra, Bronze and Grey
Double StrengthAvailable
Tempered Glass
(Unit sizes over 96" or 32 sqft Required)
Grill Options
Grille Types3/4" Profile Bar, 7/8" SDL, 1-1/4" SDL
Grille PatternsColonial, Prarie, Ladder, Diamond & Custom
Screen Options
MeshCharcoal Fiber Glass, Wire

SDL = Simulated Divided Line | GBG = Grills Between Glass | Low E = Low Emittance