9200 Swing Door

Features and benefits:

  • Fusion welded sash is reinforced with aluminum
  • 1″ Overall insulated glass for energy efficiency
  • Integral nail fin for easier installation
  • 4 9/16″ Vinyl Jamb
  • Available in euro-white, tan
  • Available in bronze painted exterior
  • customer exterior colors available


How to understand all the numbers-9xxx

  • The one’s digit tells you the number of panels. (1 for single panel, 2 for double panel, and 3 for three panel.)
  • The ten’s digit tells the hardware. (0 for Multipoint, 1 for single bore, and 2 for double bore.)
  • The hundreds digit tells you if the door is Inswing or Outswing and if it is a “French stile” (2 for Inswing and 3 for Outswing; 4 for “French Style” inswing and 5 for “French stile” outswing.)
  • The Thousands digit tells you the basic series. (In this case a “Swing” configuration.)

The following product numbers have Hoppe Multipoint hardware. This is a premium European style hardware. This style hardware is the best hardware available on any door in the United States.

Atrium Style – Multipoint Hardware

Hardware installed at MGM Industries

9201 Inswing Single Panel Hoppe Multipoint hardware One panel
9202 Inswing 2-Panel Hoppe Multipoint hardware XO, OX
9203 Inswing 3-Panel Hoppe Multipoint hardware XOX, OOX, XOO, OXO

The following product numbers are pre-machined for standard Schlage or Kwikset locks. The doors come without the lock set.

Atrium Style – Single Bore Hardware

Hardware not installed at MGM Industries!

9211 Inswing Single Panel Single Bore One panel
9212 Inswing 2-Panel Single Bore XO, OX
9213 Inswing 3-Panel Single Bore XOX, OOX, XOO, OXO

Atrium Style – Double Bore Hardware

Hardware not installed at MGM Industries!

9221 Inswing Single Panel Double Bore One panel
9222 Inswing 2-Panel Double Bore XO, OX
9223 Inswing 3-Panel Double Bore XOX, OOX, XOO, OXO

Window Details
Product FamilySwing Door
Comparable WindStrong ProductN/A
Product StylesInswing Hinged Door, Outswing Hinged Door (twins, triples, transom)
Sash ConstructionFusion Weld
Standard Nailing FinN/A
Standard J ChannelStandard
Standard Brick MouldN/A
Sloped SillN/A
Balance SystemN/A
Lift Rail PlacementN/A
Standard Grill3/4" Profiled
Continuous Head & SillYes
Overall Frame Depth5 13/16"
Nail Fin Set Back4 9/16"
Interior Jamb DepthN/A
Glass Package1"
Egress SizeN/A
Frame & Sash Options
ColorsWhite, Tan and Earth Tone
Sash Size ProportionsN/A
Applied Nail FinN/A
Extended JambsN/A
Available Glass Options
Low E270 and 366 (Low E Not available with blinds between glass option)
Gas Filled
Tint & ObscureObscure, Bronze and Grey
Double StrengthAvailable
Tempered Glass
(Unit sizes over 96" or 32 sqft Required)
Grill Options
Grille Types3/4" Profile Bar, 13/16" Flat Bar, 5/8" Flat Bar, 7/8" SDL and 1 1/4" SDL (If blinds between glass option is chosen then only SDL is available)
Grille PatternsColonial, Prarie, Ladder, Diamond (Diamond not available with SDL option), Custom
Screen Options

SDL = Simulated Divided Line | GBG = Grills Between Glass | Low E = Low Emittance